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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Vestoj - Slowness - Portraits

This year I worked on some portraits for Vestoj a beautifully curated magazine. This issue is on Slowness and as you know, I am a fan of slow! I have made a number of Englishmen uncomfortable by forcing them to Slow Dance this year as well as my profession! 
I got to sew some great faces and they were picked up in a taxi to be photographed by true professionals, So I haven't actually seen how they have turned out yet, because when we were supposed to pop some champagne and swap magazines and stand around in a circle patting eachothers backs, we had to cancel, because everyone was sick, crying or scared. Ha ha

Here is an idea of what is in the issue, and if it appeals you may just click on the link above to purchase.

This issue explores the politics of time in dress - from our on-going infatuation with nostalgia, the current focus on craftsmanship and all the 'slow movements' that are gathering force in culture to the importance of technological advances in capitalist production and the constantly accelerating pace of society today - something which fashion is right at the centre of. Amongst much else, it contains all from anthropologist John Barker writing on mourning rituals in Papua New Guinea and Anabaptist scholar Donald Kraybill describing Amish fashion to interviews with designers Dries van Noten, Hussein Chalayan, Margaret Howell, Christophe Lemaire and Nigel Cabourn, image portfolios by Mark Borthwick and Justine Kurland and short stories by Lydia Davis and Hortense Calisher. In addition, 300 specially commissioned hand embroidered bookmarks made by Jupe by Jackie have been distributed at random - maybe yours will be the golden ticket!

Me actually being slow

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