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Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Nine Lives of Cordelia

I am fascinated by the idea that my portraits may be living. Do you remember the bit in the witches where the little girl trapped in the painting moves around and ages? My nine year old eyes were wide.
I think out of all my embroideries Cordelia has lived the most, she has personally travelled to Mexico, made friends, had a lesbian experience, contemplated death and been a grownup rainbow bright.

Below we have The Nine Lives of Cordelia....

In the Skylight of Dalston Superstore with Tear Chandeliers

Meeting Mia in the studio

In the window of The Hospital Club

Conversing with Liquid Lucy

In the Jungle of Mexico

Spreading her wings for Gem & Bolt

Talking with Maria - Photo by Jessica Lutz

Playing with Death

Meeting MF

A little film...

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