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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Seance With The Living

I was looking at the piece I made the other day with frustration, it was fine, and beautiful, but it just wasn't anything I haven't done before really. I began experimenting with a torch shining through, but the line wasn't quite strong enough, though the effect was nice, so I had an idea and with a beating heart, I went for it, you see if found this stuff called #LustreVinyl, its an iron on oil cloth product. I ironed it on both sides and that gave the embroidery some substance.

Here is the film, I have been thinking a lot about living ghosts, from the impression left when someone leaves the room, to the visitations of someone not seen for many years, but still present. I have been conjuring ways to experiment with this and illustrate/animate it and this is just the beginning....

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