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Monday, 3 November 2014

Always Now (Almost)

This is my most recent embroidery. I have been working with this technique for a while and it has taken time meditating with it, light, slightly different materials, ways of framing it, to figure it out. I was happy with this photo, it was a perfect play on light and this 2 1/2Dness I am always seeking my work to exist within. 

It started with a kiss, ended in divorce, 
although it didn't exactly end.

This embroidery is of my ex-husband, he really worries about growing older and I wanted to give him immortality for Christmas. Just small gifts this year..

If his effigy is always moving, then it is never the same and always in the present, free from aging, but also living. 

Now all I need is a bigwig art tycoon, to buy it and make sure there is always a fan on it for eternity. 
(or until the cleaner unplugs the fan).

Ok, now that is immortality taken care of, NEXT! 

Here is a little film of it in action, though this was only the beginning of what became of it, after a very inspiring film-making day with artists John Orgon, Lisa Lozano, John Norwood, Cat Glennon and Tom Beale. But that will take quite a bit more editing then this little nugget.

A few other photo's taken along the way...

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