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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Time Away

I'm taking tim, away to dream, I'm taking time out to clean up my room and when i clean up, my room will gleam, because dreams aren't as unreal as they seem...

I am taking thes rest of this week off, I started sewing a city and I hated it! After sewing the universe and the mountains it was torture to sew something inorganic. I have been wrestling all week, having crisis' of confidence and wildy wracking my brain for the solution, trying to make myself do it. 
And the conclusion is,
I cannot
do it.

There were so many signs including the fact that my costume for this week set of fire at my private view!
I'm ok, I'm ok, don't worry!

So I am putting full steam into the last phase which I am going to start this saturday and it is going to be BEAUTIFUL 
and I am 100% sure about it.
Until then I am going to make my costume
and do some washing, read books with my daughter, play the guitar and dance.

Sat: 10.30-5.30
Mon: 10.30 - 3.30
Tues: 10.30 - 2.30
Wed: 1-8
Thurs: 10.30 - 3.30
Fri: 10.30 - 2.30
Sat: 1-8

See you next week! xx

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