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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sewing a landscape...

Sewing in Situ 1 from Louise Riley on Vimeo.

Today was my first day sewing an earthly landscape, I made a satisfactory start and had a lot of nice conversations, but if I look like I am frowning in the photo it is because I was. Quite a few people mentioned the length of my skirt and spoke quite loudly but indirectly about me, saying quite horrible things, completely discrediting my work. I was quite shocked really, I thought the outfit was so great it didn't even occur to me that it would upset anyone. The costumes are part of the concept. This week I am sewing an earthly landscape and am dressing as elements that have created some of the wonderous landscapes we know today. Do you really think anything says storm better than this?


  1. That's awful; they clearly have no appreciation of art. And what a great dress! I have an upcoming exhibition and am putting together a little love-themed outfit to wear to it; it's always good to get into the spirit of these things.

  2. Is this part of a current exhibition? I would love to come see!

  3. Kate, I agree with you. it is you and you is you. you don't have to be said and criticized by anyone because you wear something like that. right? as if you are also saying bad things about them.

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