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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Diorama of Creation From Scale 1-∞

I have just begun a three week performance piece in the window of The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, where I will be sewing every day apart from the Sabbath for the next 3 weeks, though I am considering adding an extra week because it is just so damn fun. Yesterday I was almost in tears feeling so overwhelmed at how wonderful it is, feeling like I was born to dress up and put loads of makeup on (looking slightly draggy lets face it), listening to my favourite songs and dancing while sewing and people giving me thumbs up all day long. This week I am sewing the Universe and yesterday I had a little helper come to keep me company.

 I Love My Window Sticker!

Incredible costume made for me by the equally incredible Mariaflora P
which I actually slightly burst out of trying to reach those distant planets and am repairing as we speak.
So come and visit me, this is my schedule for the rest of this week:
Wednesday, Saturday(today) - 3pm-10pm
Thursday, Friday - 10am - 5pm

Will post schedule for next week on Sunday.

Here's to celebratin' creation by creatin'!

This is the song that has been blowing in my ear. It transports me to that magical place that is NOLA.

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