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Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Swan Bandwagon

Finally found these photos in a dusty corner of my hard-drive.
A paper wedding dress I made for Kate's Paperie in New York.
 I was working right up to the button and unfortunately my photos were not very good 
and neither were theirs! 
These are the best of them.
Let me know if you want one for your wedding.
pros : unique, can get big volume without using too much paper, so you can look like my big fat gypsy wedding for less, you can snip it up afterwards and write your thank you letters on it.
cons: flammable, kind of awkward to sit down, people might tear off bits to write eachothers phone numbers on, you know what cattle markets weddings can be.

The back of the Bolero

The Dress and Close-up of the Train

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