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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mardi Gras! The most evident utensil

7 oclock Mardi Gras morning after getting to sleep at 5.30 am. My god adrenaline is an amazing thing. Thank god being as pale as a ghost only enforced the concept of my costume.
Photo - Caitlin Hansen

Can you guess what I am? Neither could anyone else! The thing is, I was so convinced of the clarity of this costume and now when I look at this picture I wonder what I was actually thinking, why I had such clear confidence that I was almost an exact replica. I can see that I could make some minor improvements and it will be much clearer, longer wig, gold bit and pink bit actually part of the dress.... Next time.
So I did make it and cut my own pattern for it and it is doublesided and turns into a kind of multi-from avant guarde evening gown on the other side. I am proud of these things. 
So I will give you some clues: 

First clue - it was inspired by this song, the brainwave hit me like a lightening bolt in the head. 

Second clue - you can't actually see it, and I shall take a picture and ammend this post, but my cape is in the style of a piece of lined paper.

Third clue - the people seemed to really like my dance when I wrote their names with my hat and my other dance specifically entitled the 'Rubbing man'.

Yep you guessed it.


 And another costume made from the wallpaper of Dominic Crinson. We are propellor boy, jelly fish and cabin boy respectively, all dolled up for the Maritime Ball at the Spellcaster Lodge. It felt great, though I needed to take an assistant to the loo and some rather rough looking gaffa tape repairs were made through the evening, since I was completley unable to control my dance moves when the 'Thee Oh See's' began to play.

 Photo - Caitlin Hansen

Photo - Caitlin Hansen                              

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