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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Breathe In. Breathe Out.

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Curated by: Saskia Wickins
For all press enquiries: art@dalstonsuperstore.com

Dalston Superstore is proud to welcome artist Louise Riley with her second solo exhibition Breath In. Breath Out. 

It will showcase the evolution of her latest bodies of work including drawings, installation and sculpture that are an intersection of science-fiction and humanity. 

Riley celebrates and collaborates with the language of objects and familiar symbols, their infinite layers of meaning emboldened by her unique exploration of embroidery.

A self-taught embroidery artist, there is the essence of the outsider artist, untampered by the machine of art school and driven by an obsessive nature.

Riley believes that each stitch holds not only a DNA-like essence with the spiral running through the thread, but also a binary quality with-in the presence and absence, representing structured organic and technological information as the building blocks for the pieces. Combined with the texture and the imperfect line, holding the essence of the true wily nature of emotions, Riley feels embroidery holds everything within it. These grandiose ideas are what get her through the long hours.

Art enthusiasts will witness live performance by artists including Riley during the private view as they demonstrate the possibilities of transportation in the installation, ‘Teleportation Tunnel” to create seamlessness between process, the work and the spectator.  

For all press enquiries: Saskia Wickins
Curator of Dalston Superstore

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