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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Wedding Invitation of Lauren Hart and Paul Lamey

So I eagerly waved my hand in the air when Lauren and Paul suggested I might do something creative for their wedding and suggested that I do a picture for their invitations.

I realised that it has never been more vital than this moment that I do a distinct likeness, to be honest I have always given myself artistic leaway and it usually works out ok and I get a close enough likeness, but it would have been pretty weird if they just looked like a couple of randoms. 
To be honest I felt the pressure and I fannied around until there was no time left to fanny around anymore and then i just sewed and sewed until my eyes went crossed.

I thought i might share some of the process with you since it wasn't smooth riding, (I started Pauls face three times!) but in the end the solution seemed like a perfect journeys end and I think everyone was smiling and pleased.

(PS. I have just discovered animated gifs an think you may be seeing alot of them from now on) 

Drawings and First Stages
aka toe-dipping


The many Harts of Lauren


Some for Fun
Lauren as a tortoiseshell cat, Lauren and Paul dreaming of a nice council flat, good Lauren and naughty Lauren whispering in Pauls ear.


and the
Grande Finale

And as if things hadn't already gotten silly enough,
I was compelled to make this!