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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Little Deaths - Diagram 1 - CORDELIA OPHELIA

Introducing the first diagram in the series

Little Deaths

Cordelia Ophelia

You know that thing that people say when you are going away, 

'can you hide me in your suitcase?'

Well with Cordelia, I do that for real. I made her in 2010 and she has generously transformed in every space and way I show her, she is a constantly evolving person as we all are. I take a sincere pleasure in treating her like a real person, she has sat in chairs, hung from the ceiling, she wept tears of chandeliers, she has hung out and conversed with my other embroidered loves, she has flown like a kite, grown wings and most recently she has had a bath.

In Mexico she became covered in black smoke from the oil lamps.
It was mournful for a moment, until, as in our lives, tragedies become opportunities....

...........and again, like art imitating life, the images look as though she is drowning in smoke....


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