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Sunday, 15 August 2010

guidance to a fractured swan

The piece in the 'Strange Birds' exhibition.

Based on a love letter written from F. Scott Fitzgerald to his wife Zelda when she was in a mental institution:

"....and the only sadness is living without you....
You and I have been happy, we haven't been happy just once, we've been happy a thousand times. The chances that the spring, that's for everyone, like the popular songs, may beloong to us too- i see the swan floating on it and - I find it to be you and you only. But swan, float lightly because you are a swan, because by the exquisite curve of your neck the gods gave you some special favour, and even though you fractured it running against some man made bridge, it healed and you sailed onwards. Forget the past - what you can of it, and turn about and swim back home to me, to your haven forever and ever - even though it may seem like a dark cave at times and lit with torches of fury, it is the best refuge for you - turn gently in the waters through which you move and sail back."

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  1. Love this, so many amazing bits to catch up with on your blog! Think the gold wheels are mesmerizing, can't wait to see the pics of the installation!...The lady and guy on net are really brilliant too, works so well on netting, more life like almost when you can see through...LOVE the pic of me and Mia hanging out, beautiful! X