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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Eiffel Society - First installment

What can I say NOLA?
The finest time yet.

Energetic enthusiasmic transformations, wild enterprise, so intimate, generous easy heartfelt friendships, lusty tenderness, sitting in a car listening to great songs, to dancing in surreal courtyards, to nightswimming and dayswimming in salt water, to flashing tampon strings, to conquering fears sweating guts out working 35 feet in the air, to confessing, to weepsoaked massages, to the battery powered record player, to the return of backflips, to being a touch butch, to painting it black, synchronised breakfast and burps, to finding the solutions, to cold room moonshine, to the perky walk, to diving for oyster necklaces, to burning that wood, to sleeping in the 'Supercondux'' to 'kuh kuh puh' to turning the bath to ice tea, to the flashbacks and to the full open belly laughing, to re-releasing, to 'will you float me?', to silk dress waterbombs, to hairstyle curtains, to that glorious view,
to the mutual quest for universal beauty,
so much joy.

To the Life is Art Foundation, here is to always saying yes.
I am somwhere between elation and heartbreak, bittersweet.
But my little baby Nova sang me a spontaneous beautiful lovesong,
so I guess it is just the great beginning of a shift>>>>....

photos taken by Kerry Maloney

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