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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Slow Dance Party

Since my work explores connection and dynamic, what I am working on is a sweet and logical follow on, but it is definitely somethings different. I am creating a night called Slow Dance Party. Here are the invites and poster and the commercial that I have been having too much fun making. Please come!

Dear Beating Hearts,

I first came up with the idea on a residency in the secluded hills of California. We were six ladies, making sculptures, films and exchanging ideas, in the most beautiful surroundings. I thought we should ship up some men to slow dance with us, since we were just so tender, from working hard, bruised from heartbreak and making mistakes (me), fully flowing from laughing, it just seemed like the perfect idea. I just imagined us swaying around the barn, with handsome and gentle cowboys, that smelled of mild b.o and the wind.

After that collecting Slow Dance Party music became something of an obsession and I definitely waffled on about my ideas for it to more than a few friends, but determined for the event to reach fruition and not slip into the anals of history, like The Dalston Whistling Club, here it is:

Have you noticed:
That people smell so good and so different?
That you nearly cry when the hairdresser massages your head?
That you want romance but its not always that easy to organise it?
Everything is so fast these days?
It’s been a while since you slow-danced?

Come and get close at:

Slow Dance Party

30th March 9pm-2am
£5 in advance £7 before 10pm, £8 after

Time to just grab someone and feel the heat of their body

Time to dance with strangers, your husband/wife, your best friend or your sister. 

Its cold outside and we all need to stay warm. 

Beautiful and lovingly collected slow music crossing through genres 

from the past to the future

This is everything for everyone

Live bands and moving and melting projections to make the heart thump

Bring your love, bring your pals, but most of all,
bring your open arms and melting heart.

Download them and send them to the person you want to slow dance with.


Post a comment if you buy a ticket, so I can pop a party popper to celebrate!



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