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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Project 'Putting a Roof Over our Heads' !!

After having a roofer come to give me a quote to mend my roof, he told me he couldn't fix it as trying to fix it would likely break it more, the tiles and nails are 113 years old, pretty impressive. He gave the poor old thing 6 months to live. So not only is it time to start thinking of an installation using 2000 ancient slate tiles, but I need to raise the cash for a new roof. Well I do like a challenge and have decided to not cry and instead knuckle down and go for it.

Good news for you, because all my work is now:

Up to 30% OFF!!!

So here is what's available and, in true saleswoman fashion, the before and after prices. I am also open to being paid in installments, if that works out better for you, we can work something out. It is important to me that everything finds a good home.

45cm x 45cm
Was £400 - Now £280 !

50cm x 50cm
Was £400 - Now £280 !

'Sun 2'
60cm x 60m x 6cm
Was £400 - Now £280 !

'Film Still'
1m x 1m x 20cm
Was £2800 - Now £2100 !

50cm x 50cm
Was £1500- Now £1000 !

(the original sculpture)

2.5m x 1.8m
Was £1800- Now £1200 !

(this comes with me to install it in your home, within distance reason, here is a link to one installed of the same size

'Sometimes We're Assholes'
8cm x 8cm
Was £80- Now £56 !

'Liquid Lucy in Lucidity's Slice and Splice'
150cm x 115cm
Was £2800- Now £1960 !

'Mother of Pearl'
120cm x 85cm
Was £2500- Now £1750 !

If you have any questions or want to visit the pieces, just email me: louise.riley@gmail.com


  1. If it can’t be repaired then you don’t have any other choice but to have it replaced. Though roof replacement is expensive, a new roof can guarantee that it’ll be able to weather the storm. Anyway, a new roof is a good investment, so choose wisely what type of roof you’ll install this time.

    -Saundra Wordlaw

  2. Well, if your roof is 113 years old, then it clearly subjected to problems related to aging. Replacing is really a good decision to make, because you can be sure that it is sturdy enough to protect the house. And you might find yourself wasting money fixing the old roof again and again.

    @Sarai Loftis

  3. Whoah, there! I didn’t know that a roof could possibly have a life span of 113 years! No wonder it was only given 6 months to live. A roof that’s older than your grandfather absolutely needs a replacement, pronto! Good luck with selling! Nice painting, by the way. I hope it get to solve your problem.

    Lue Madson