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Friday, 17 August 2012

Installing at Russell's of Clapton

So, I just installed this piece of work at a wicked B&B called Russell's of Clapton. I was pretty nervous about building the frame alone and after two failed attempts at hiring and assistant, I set off with my tools and 8 pieces of 7' wood. I am a little pumped up by how well it went and how lovely it looked, I mean this piece means a lot to me, it takes me back to the mountains of Sonoma where I have had some incredible times, it takes me back to a time near Portland Oregon, when my cousin took me fishing, by a mountainscape, but the lake just drew me in so forcefully that I just walked in in all my clothes and swam next to the boat like a happy dolphin, it takes me to Old Rag, where I drank from the belly of the oldest mountain in the world. I made it in the window of The Hospital Club, in Covent Garden and it was a joy and when I took it out to Mexico for a show, my dearest friend, Adrina Miller, just layed in it and wrapped herself in it.. I am so glad it is in this place, it has been rolled up in a bundle on the roof of my bed and now it is unfurled in a place where others can commune with it and I mean loads! A B&B gets so many people passing through!

It is in good company too, Annette has excellent taste and has bought another piece and has another there to keep her company, Mia and Hayley.

So to herald this success, I thought I would lie in the park with a cold red stripe and try out blogging from my phone. Hope it turns out alright. Now back to sew a 3m x 2m surreal depiction of the moments of revelation you get sometimes for Carnesky's Tarot Drome. Sometimes being an artist is the best thing in the universe.

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