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Friday, 7 May 2010

Flesh & Bone opening

Dear Gang,

The opening for the show has been and gone. If you didn't make it, it is on for 6 weeks and I am really pleased with how it looks in the space. It is such a great bar and does delicious food up to 8-9pm, so there are a million reasons to visit. I will endeavour to spend a serious bit of time photographing everything, but for now, just a sneak preview. The photos of the 'Light Perspective' didn't come out very well! Shock horror! It was up for one night only, so that is a damn shame, you can't even see the sun.... but I know if it gets exhibited again being in a black room was VERY cool. So here
they are....

Bea W, Lurky Me and my darling, Novabug
Cordelia -
"The soul would have no rainbow if the eye had no tears" - Native American proverb

ps- If it isn't obvious, the tears turn into chandeliers....
pps- that I proudly made myself out of bicycle wheels...


  1. Thank you for turning me into an exquisite piece of art, Louise! You are the Dalston Superstar!!! Another great show, thanks for sharing XxX

  2. HOW could I miss THAT!!! i can t belieeeeeeeeeeve!!! was dark... i have to go back. looks amazing louise . love, christina